Product Composition Properties & uses
GULF FIX DFM Based on special composition. Use in fatliquoring bath or in the stage having excess foam, around 0.1-0.5%. Can also be used in finish formulation
GULF WET ELP Mixture of organic substances Minimize wrinkle in neck area. Smooth even grain. Use in liming & deliming 1-2% on salted weight or pelt weight.
GULF WET CR6 Organic acid with high  anti oxidant power It is used at the end of the wet process before fixation around 1-1.5% or in case of high percentages of Chrome VI 3,0-5,0% .
GULF WET FDW Slected oils. Transparent liquid. Minimize static charge. Can be added in fatliquering.
GULF WET G Selected oils Clear semijelly paste. Silky touch, bright napp. Brillency in colours for nubuck & suede.
GULF WET DFX Combination of selected Inorganic and Organic cationic substances Semi transparent liquid, Bright rich and level dyeing. Best to use as top-dyeing  auxiliary specially in Suede and Nubuck articles.