Product Composition Properties & uses
GULF WAX 600 Combination of special waxes Hard solid wax. It confers to leather very strong pull up effect, and this effect can be further enhanced by ironing/embossing.
GULF WAX 142 Water emulsion of oil and waxes  It gives soft and velvet like feel, with remarkably natural sealing of grain that even on heavily buffed leather it is possible to re create a full-grain-like appearance. Gives a remarkable burnishing effect.
GULF WAX 100 Emultion of natural & synthetic waxes. Good waxy touch & plate release. Good uniformity & equalizing.
GULF WAX 460 Solid Wax Medium hard wax with dry feel, specially recommended for crazy horse type of articles, where a very high pull-up and crunch effect is required.
GULF WAX 370 Combination of special waxes Very fine particle, can be used by roller coater and Spray, burnishable snow top effect with silky soft feel.
GULF WAX HBW Emultion based on paraffinic wax. Good sealing, very good covering upgrading. Good for high gloss articles. Use in aniline finishes & natural milled aniline.
GULF WAX SNW Mixture of special selected waxes Excellent sealing & covering. White appearance, become transparent on heat. Special wax for reverse pull up.
GULF WAX 2486 Slightly cationic waxes Excellent sealing & polishing properties, Very good warm waxy feel, low chances to have whiteness on the top due to special emulsifires
GULF WAX 199 Carnoba based mixture of waxes Good sealing, uniform pullup and crushing effect. Excellent plate release. To improve Glazing use in top coats 15-20 parts.
GULF WAX PE Emulsion of natural waxes. Improve touch shine & polishability. Competible with anionic & non-ionic chemicals.
GULF WAX E29 Mixture of slected waxes. Light brown solid wax, Use with hot roller around 85c for Crazsy Horse articles, .
GULF WAX NFW Emulsion of natural slected Fatty Acids Yellowish liquid. Good sealing filling pleasant feel. Good shine. Excellent burnishing with Bind CT & Oil 44.
GULF WAX NWB Speacial combination of waxes Midium soft, polishable, best for burnish type articles,
GULF WAX DUL Dispersion of matting & filling agents in fine particle. Creamy thick paste. Good matting & filling. Excellent plate release. No whitening effect.
GULF WAX PRN Paraffinic waxes Good sealing with darken and pullup effect. To Improve glazing use in top coats.
GULF WAX SDL Dispersion of waxes & fillers  Excellent covering reduces tackiness, Film has warm & soft film with good matting properties without whitening. It can also be used in the top coats.
GULF WAX SPW Mixture of slected waxes. Use with hot roller for Crazy Horse articles.
GULF WAX RODA Solid wax with strong pullup effect Solid wax, apply by hot roller, very strong pullup effect by polish and ironing, soft waxy touch.
GULF WAX FA Emulsion of slected waxes Whitish liquid. Soft good filling & uniformity. Very plasent touch, good plate release.
GULF WAX WBW Special combination of waxes Hard wax can be used with roller coating or spray gun. Good burnish effect even on chrome tanned leather,Excellent sealing for buffed leather.
GULF WAX WST White Wax  White burnishing wax with waxy touch