Product Composition Properties & uses
GULF TOP SNC High shine Nitro cellolose lacquer Solvent/water base nitro-lacquer. Hard and high gloss film good fastness, good mechanical behaviour. Good for bag & goods leather
GULF TOP 94 Waxy lacquer in solution form Medium shine lacqure with wax touch
GULF TOP FLC Reactive binder in complex mixture Soft, elastic & non tacky film. Can be used to improve adhesion, wet and dry rub fastness. Good covering without over louding
GULF TOP DTP Combination of slected Polyurethanes  Medium hard dull flexible film. Cold crack resistant. Very high fastness.
GULF TOP 647 Nitro cellolose lacquer in solution form Convential Nitro cellolose lacquer
GULF TOP SHN Combination of casein & polyurethane. Water based self fixing top, High wet & dry rub fastness, good embossing. Universal top coat.