Product Composition Properties & uses
GULF GROUND 8220 Combination of PU & Resins Compound for very natural, analine finish, no loading. Suitable for softy items.
GULF GROUND 8280 Combination of PU, Resins & Fillers Compound for soft finish, good covering, suitable for softy items.
GULF GROUND 8203 Selected Oils and Polymerized waxes Good sealing, equalize absorption, Polishable, no adhesion problem, good upgrading.
GULF GROUND 8205 Emultion of waxes & selected natural oils Good sealing, good for buffed & full grain.Glazeable, polishable & repolishable.Good adhesion for next coats.
GULF GROUND 8255G Emultion of waxes & selected natural oils Best for burnish articles, good sealing, glazeable & polishable. Excellent repolishability.
GULF GROUND 8272 Waxes oils and some proteinic material. Equalize absorption of buffed leather, improve covering & filling, polishable, glazeaable, restore grain look.
GULF GROUND BS Waxes and some quaternary Ammonium salt. Excellent sealing, smooth pleasant waxy touch, good for suede and nubuck  touch.
GULF GROUND KAT Selected waxes and binders. Good sealing, hide small defects, equalize absorption, polishable, good for buffed & full grain.
GULF GROUND C10 Special waxes and oils Good sealing, good smooth touch, equalize absorption,
GULF GROUND BST Combination of polyurethane & resins Very good covering power, medium soft film, best for car upholstry finishes and corrected grain
GULF GROUND AO Selected oils & waxes Mixable in cationic & anionic chemicals, give sealing and elasticity to grain, good for resin & casein finishes, natural & pleasent touch, good mechnical behavior.
GULF GROUND PEL Selected resins & waxes Good soft film, good covering & embossing, low tackiness, specially suitable for buffed grain.
GULF GROUND STC Selected filling agents White thick paste, for good adhesion add PU FAG, can be added in bottom pad coat. Non tacky, non elastic.
GULF GROUND STH High Filling Stucco Suitable for application by scraper
GULF GROUND STP Combination of Binders and Stucco Partially polishable stucco developed to be used as pre-bottom coat to cover up defective grain. It fills up the scratches and pinholes.
GULF GROUND BRN Selected waxes & oils Excellent sealing for buffed grain, remarkable gloss on polishing, best for buffed burnish. Can be used in C/G or nappa for sealing.