Product Composition Properties & uses
GULF RETANAL CAN Chromium aluminium
Very light colour, use for white leather, light weight leathers and offers many advantages in fur dressing & for clothing, short naps in the suede and gives an excellent colour yield in dyeing
GULF RETANAL CHL Chrome syntan Bright colour, Excellent lightfastness, Full, deep, level and brilliant shades are obtained with anionic dyes. Smooth grain,  High tear strength with high shrinkage temperature.
GULF RETANAL SPR A slightly anionic chrome-
phenolic condensate
Low astringency, pure chrome characteristics in leather, while improving its compactness and making the feel softer.
GULF TAN CAN Aluminium Chrome tanning complex White greenish powder, Best for compact and fine Nap, Rich and bright shades in Nubuck and Suede articles.
GULF TAN ACR Mineral Tanning agent White greenish powder,  High exhaustion of Chrome and stable tanning. Best for compact and fine Nap & light weight Leather, Rich and bright shades in Nubuck and Suede articles.
GULF TAN CPS Chrome-phenol condensate Green-gray powder. Compact, soft,full, fine grain leather. Clean dyeing for pastel shades. Use in tanning, rechroming
GULF WET  TM Combination of slected Inorganic and Organic cationic substances Semi transparent liquid, Gives fine and compact grain, Help the uptake of Chrome. Bright rich and level dyeing. Best for Suede and Nubuck articles.