Product Composition Property & uses
GULF FIX  909 Thickening agent Thickening agent for acrylic and casein based formulations Very strong thickening action.
GULF FIX  CKU Rich of functional group cross-linking polymer Improve wet and dry rub fastness remarkably, Use 2-2.5% on the dry content-weight of binders.
GULF FIX  BTF Combination of selected organic chemicals. Environment friendly product. Use for the fixation of casein top coats.
GULF FIX  PNR Special combination for impregnation Excellent for impregnation mixture, very good penetration and leveling.
GULF FIX DFM Anti-foaming agent Anti-foaming agent for finishing solution, could be used in wetside.
GULF FIX VKF Fixing Agent Nubuck & Suede Dye Fixative
GULF FIX MUD7 Hard polymer  Hard polymer used for grain cracking
GULF FIX BTFN Fixing Agent Formaldehyde Substitute for light color
GULF FIX VFP Urethane Derivative It is to fix dyes on Nubuck and Suede, intensified
GULF FIX WTR Combination of Hydrophobic Substances It provides  water proofing & avoiding water spotting after wetting back without disturbing adhesion of finish and color darkening.